5 Fat-Positive Bloggers To Know

By Marléna Ahearn

If you don’t already follow fat-positive women, you need to start now. Keeping fat-positivity at the forefront and reading the theories and musings of fat-activists is necessary—especially if you are just beginning your fat-acceptance journey. Today in line and online, we are surrounded by beauty norms, fat-phobia, and misinformation about fat and health. Keeping in touch with leaders in the fat-activism world is both an act of self-care and opting into education.
It’s hard to find a community where you feel completely at ease, where everyone agrees fat isn’t bad. So, instead of keeping up with the Kardashians on Sunday nights, take time to read the empowering words of fat activists.

1. Marilyn Wann

Marilyn Wann is one of the most well-known fat activists because of her 1990 book Fat!So?. Wann updates her blog with stories, blogs, and photos that remind readers that fat bodies are worthy of celebration, kindness, and love. She also shares people’s personal experiences with disordered eating, diets, and how they’ve learned to love their bodies.


2. F*ck Yeah Fat Politics

This tumblr account is run by a few moderators who reject the diet culture and celebrates fat with fashion, photography, art. FYFP also curates a great list of other fat-positive bloggers.


3. Ragen Chastain

Chastain is an amazing dancer with a gift for carefully deconstructing anti-fat arguments. Chastain’s blog Dances With Fat explains nuances of Health At Every Size, fat-phobia, how companies capitalize of fat-insecurity, and how to exist as a fat-positive person in a fat-hating world.


4. Health At Every Size (HAES)

If you’re not already familiar with the HAES initiative, reading this blog will get you up to speed quickly. HAES is all about focusing on real ways to improve your mental and physical health without weight being a factor.


5. Substantia Jones

Jones is the founder of and photographer for the photo-activism campaign, The Adipositivity Project, an activism campaign that celebrates fat nuditiy. Jones also runs both SmileSizeist.com and UppityFatty.com and sells prints of her gorgeous photos on the blog.



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