TedTalk Talked Fat Stigma, What’s Next?

By Marléna Ahearn

TedTalk, a daily video podcast needs more fat-positivity. It’s been a year since Kelli Jean Drinkwater gave a TedTalk in May 2016. Today it has 1.4 million views. With such a big audience, having fat-activists TedTalk about Health At Every Size and why being fat isn’t the end of the world. Everyone benefits when people are given a platform to talk about their experiences—especially when they have research about health and weight and lived experiences with stigma that isn’t talked about in the mainstream.

Drinkwater is a fat-activist who shares her ideas about body politics and fat acceptance through art and demonstrations.She worked on a dance theatre project called Nothing To Lose which sold out at the Sydney Festival 2015. With this project, she confronted how fat is a word that has a lot of power and stigma associated with it and showed how fat doesn’t inhibit people. Unapologetic fat FTW.

Check out her talk:

Ashley Graham, one of the most well-known plus-size models right now, gave a TedTalk in May of 2015. Check it out:

Whitney Thore whose viral video “A Fat Girl Dancing,” sparked a national conversation about body image gave a TedxTalk in July 2016. In it, she talks about how to handle self-perception when your body isn’t a normalized ideal. She now has her own reality show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Check out her TedTalk:


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