In Bold is a millennial-targeted digital publication created by Marléna Ahearn that discusses and critiques body positivity, fat activism, and how mainstream media presents and talks about bodies. When you pick up a glossy women’s magazine on a shelf or from your mailbox, you’re immediately faced with a conventionally beautiful celebrity or model. She is perfectly lit, perfectly groomed, and perfectly edited to appear front-cover worthy, necessitating the erasure of any bump, wrinkle or bulge. When fat/plus-size women — or even average-sized women — occasionally grace the cover, they are praised as brave or even liberated. This thinly veiled, passive aggressive praise only informs the reader that these body types that stray from the thin and white norm are only valuable and acceptable when they are making a statement.

In Bold wants to change how women are portrayed in media and help women of all identities feel comfortable and positively represented.


Photography by Sarah A Ibrahim